5 Totally Avoidable Mistakes Made by Brides

1. Tan too much before the Big Day 

I totally "get" having great color. Hey, I tan... but you can over-do it especially when wearing a white dress. When you are too tan, the color contrast is often too much and you will end up looking orange and unnatural. If you want to have a great tan then opt for an ivory or blush dress so it’s not such a color contrast between the stark white and your beautiful tan. This also goes for your groom. If you are super tan and he is not the two of you will have a huge color contrast in skin tones, and it just looks strange. If you are tan then he should have some color too! 

2. Not taking the time for a make up/ hair trial

Let’s face it, you want to look your best on your big day, so make sure you take the steps to ensure you don’t look like a clown 🤡 with bad wedding day make-up. Schedule a hair and make-up trial *Hint* this is a great day to also schedule your engagement session. You don't want a make-up artist "winging" it on your special day. 


3. Break in those shoes

If you wear 6" heels everyday of the week then I would move onto number 4. If not, then you will want to break in your shoes before your wedding day. And... this means wearing them for more than 20 minutes strutting your stuff in the comfort of your own home. There’s nothing more terrible than aching feet 10 minutes in on your wedding day. It makes you crabby and you will want to cry (not happy tears). Take it from us, break in those dancing shoes or opt for a pair of flats or kitten heels. 

4. Don’t have a rehearsal for ceremony. 

You are going to want to know BEFORE you walk down the isle what exactly is going to take place during your ceremony. Don't "wing it", rehearse it. 

5. Decorate Yourself

The fact is that you’re busy on your wedding day. Don’t add to it. And if you say “I can do it the day before....” FYI... that never happens. It will never get completely finished the day before. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know that it is being taken care of? That you can just enjoy your day pampering yourself with your bridesmaids? Don't be stressed out by doing it yourself. Relax, enjoy the day and leave it to the pros! 


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