8 hacks for kick-ass reception photos at any wedding.

Have you ever wondered how to get the best photos at a wedding reception? Here are 8 hacks on how to get kick ass reception photos at any wedding. 


1. Get up in there! Get on the dance floor, dance with them!

2. Circle dancers - Get in the center of the circle, shoot high or shoot into the crowd.

3. Get low, get low, shoot low! Crouch down or lay on the floor.

4. Look for ridiculousness - photograph it. Is there a crazy Aunt? A Grandma who is a little loopy? Look for them. They are bound to have some great dance moves. 

5. Shoot into the DJ's lights, bounce your flash and have external light on a tripod. 

6. Talk to the couple/wedding party before to see if they have anything special planned. Have fun with it. Ask who has the best dance moves and then look for that person later on the dance floor. 

7. Ask the couple which songs are going to make them go crazy on the dance floor. Wait for that song and BAM, that's your queue. Be ready... something amazing is going to happen. 

8. Communicate with the band or DJ. Let them know that crazy color effects, lasers and wash lights are terrible for your photos. Most of the time they understand or don't even realize it. If possible ask them to use a wash effect in the color white (especially for first dances) Then they can use the crazy effects later. 





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