Tips and Tricks for styling your outfits for your Session

Sometimes, family sessions are the first time you work with your photographer or the first time you and your family have professional photos taken together. That can be super-exciting…...but it can also make everyone a little nervous because you don’t know what to expect, what to do, how to act, or what to wear.

I can’t tell you how many times a family has arrived at a photo session, and they’ve told us how nervous they are. But, by the time we’re in the middle of the session, they say how easy it is and how much fun they’re having! We really try our best to make it a fun, relaxed photo session where we can focus on the unique family connection.

First, the most important thing during your session is to be yourself! The whole purpose of the shoot is to capture exactly who you are as a family, and show your personalities as individuals. If you pick an outfit that just isn’t ‘you’, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and trust us, it’ll show in the photos.

Think about your body type as well; you know what suits you and what doesn’t, so don’t just pick something you thought looked great in a magazine. If you’re worrying about what your arms look like in that strapless dress, it’s going to be harder to capture those beautiful family moments.

You’ll want your outfits to coordinate with each other, rather than looking like the "Identical Family". Think about colors that complement each other, say yellow and dusty blue, or pink and turquoise, and make sure your outfits are color coordinated. The same goes for how dressy you’re planning to be; if you’re going for a formal look, then everyone needs to be dressed formal. If you are going for a laid-back beach-y vibe, then use colors, patterns and materials that represent that.... think Flow-y.

2021 Color Trends

DO's & DONT's


Do Rock layers and accessories and embrace bold colors. This is all about giving you choice and flexibility, and if it usually takes you a while to feel natural in front of the camera, accessories are perfect for giving you something to do with your hands.

Do professional hair and makeup if you are able. It will make you feel like a model!

Do wear comfortable clothes. If you’re not comfortable, it will be noticeable in the pictures.

Do wear comfortable shoes if your location will include a lot of walking. But don’t wear tennis shoes! More like choose to wear cute flats or boots with a low heel rather than 5-inch stilettos.

Do launder and iron your clothes (we’re not your mom, sorry! Even photoshop won’t get those wrinkles out)

Do choose clothing that compliments your personality: Make sure your clothes look like “you”.

Do coordinate your clothing with each other: Wear clothes that are the same level of “dressyness.” and wear similar shades that compliment each other. Choose clothes that look best on you.

Do choose clothes to compliment your location: If you are taking pictures in a field or the mountains, consider clothes with more natural colors. And if you are taking pictures in a downtown area, you might consider more urban clothes with bolder colors.

Do choose colors that compliment your skin tone: For example, if you have light skin, white clothing can wash out your complexion in photographs


Don't wear white & khaki combination - it will wash you out

Don't wear anything with big logos or lots of writing (it detracts from the two of you)

Don't wear exactly matching outfits - it's just a no-no

​Don't wear brand new clothes straight from the store (spare yourself the wrinkles and fit issues)

Don't wear clothes that are too tight or too baggy (if it fits perfectly, you’ll feel perfect; if it doesn’t. . . it will show in your photographs)

Don't wear white socks that peek out of your pants please guys!

Don't wear clothing accenting your least favorite body parts: If you have certain body parts that you dislike or are uncomfortable about, don’t wear clothing that accents them.

Don't wear super bright or fluorescent colors: Fluorescent colors (such as bright orange) tend to color cast on faces, necks and hair. When the shirt is so bright, it often also changes the color of the person standing next to them.

Don't wear super trendy clothing (including camo): They will date your photos as soon as the trend goes out of style.

Don't wear T-shirts and tennis shoes: This includes white t-shirts under button-up dress shirts with the top buttons undone. You don’t want a little white t-shirt peeking out above your nice dress shirt.

Don't wear large shirts that are not tucked in. For guys, it’s usually better to wear a belt if you are wearing a nice button-up shirt. Sometimes, if untucked shirts are too big or too wide, they don’t look good and are “boxy.” Fitted shirts and jackets look much better than wide boxy on