Shelby and Jakob // Naples FL Steamy Beach Engagement

Shelby and Jakob drove down to Naples to meet me at Vanderbilt Beach for their steamy engagement session! They are the sweetest couple... ever! They are High School sweethearts and have been together for 4 1/2 years. They are avid animal lovers, love a night in watching the Mandalorian or a day trip exploring the outdoors. That is actually when Jakob proposed. They were on a mountain hike in North Carolina with their dogs and friend Cassie. Once they were on the top Jakob sneakily had Cassie wrangle the dogs and had Shelby look over the edge to “take a picture” of her. "To my surprise I turned around to see him on one knee. Then I cried, ALOT." said Shelby. Moments after they got engaged, they were taking pictures of the ring. Their dog Ace decided he couldn’t take the attention not being on him anymore. He then jumped off the side of the mountain. Yes, jumped. Luckily, there was a little platform below that he was jumping too. However, the platform was not in view "my heart sank and I barreled over the rocks to him to see him perfectly safe looking up at me and wagging his tail."