Nadine and Matt // Naples, FL

How did this couple come to be? It began with a terrorist attack and has progressed to a worldwide pandemic! There are a couple of recurring themes, one is their faith in each other, and their ability to approach things from a different angle and work together as a team. Nadine’s journey began as an exchange student from Germany. Her initial flight to the US was complicated by a car bombing in London which caused her to arrive a day late, with no luggage. So, there stood Nadine, exhausted, confused, scared, lost luggage, and wearing the same clothes she had left Germany in two days earlier. Nadine settled in with her family, and the high school year started. It was Matt’s Senior year and he noticed this “new girl” at school. He OBVIOUSLY found her fetching and noticed she was laughing and smiling all the time. Nadine first noticed Matt as the HANDSOME guy that was helping out younger kids with their homework. Their paths crossed at school, each of them noticing things about each other that they were attracted to. Eventually Golf season started and they were both excited to get to know each other more. Fortunately for them, the bus rides to the golf meets were long . . . after a few meets, Matt finally gained courage to make his move . . . HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND HER! They started hanging out more often and dating. Fortunately, Matt only lived about 200 yards from us, so it was easy to keep in touch. They attended Prom together and were falling in love, with the reality that Nadine would be returning to Germany in a few short months. They had intentions of staying together and were able to maintain their relationship. Time and distance took their toll, and the couple broke up – while still maintaining a friendship. Fast forward about 9 years, Nadine was in her final year of College in Germany when Matt had a Brilliant Idea: “Check in with Nadine and see if I can make it a vacation in Germany.” Nadine’s reply was the same as it had been for the prior ten years. “Sure Matt, you know my door is always open for you.” She didn’t actually expect him to come, as he hadn’t make it over in a decade.

Matt takes a leap of faith and purchased the tickets for his vacation and quickly sends Nadine a photo of the tickets! Her immediate response was . . . . . . silence . . . . . . FOR TEN DAYS! In her defense, Nadine was in the middle of a testing day. . . . and forgot about it for those 10 days (apparently 1 day for each year it took Matt to actually act on a plan to get to Germany) She eventually looked at the picture and it hit her that he was actually coming. Matt was so nervous about seeing Nadine again that he forgot how to get to the airport. After he landed and actually got to SEE Nadine – In his mind he was thinking, “I can’t believe how beautiful she has become . . . he quickly understood this vacation was going to be complicated. They were both surprised at how quickly they became comfortable with each other, laughing and smiling, just like old times. Nadine’s parents also noticed how well the couple was getting along. So much so that Nadine’s mom actually bumped into Nadine and exclaimed, “OOOHH MAUSI, Das Ist Er) roughly translated “(He is the One) Nadine then realized she was falling back in love with Matt . . . The vacation went on through Vienna then to Munich for Oktoberfest – It may have been a combination of Love, Beer and a trip to the First Aid Tent . . . But it was on their way back from this that Matt looked into Nadine’s eyes and stated, “I love you way too much to lose you again.” Nadine agreed and has loved him back ever since. The remainder of that vacation was spent talking about and planning for their future. They simply knew they could not live apart. 15 months, and a lot of paperwork later, Matt picked up Nadine from the Airport. They have been together ever since.