Manatees at Blue Springs State Park // Orange City, FL

My parent, Jaxon and I decided to take a trip to see three different Natural Springs in Florida this past weekend. The first one that we visited was Blue Springs in Orange City FL. After we decided to go, we soon realized that it was Manatee session at the spring. This means that the Manatees migrate to the springs because the water is a constant 72 degrees, they depend on this warm water for survival, as they cannot tolerate water temperatures lower than 68 degrees for long periods of time. During the winter months, manatees are prone to cold stress syndrome, which is comparable to hypothermia, pneumonia or frostbite in humans, and can make them very sick. Blue Springs serves as a safe haven for these gentle creatures. The Manatee count that morning was a total of 472 Manatees. Stay tunes for photos from the Green Springs and Gemini Springs.