Love knows no bounds, and it often finds its way into the most picturesque settings. Such was the case for Emily and Dylan, a couple who recently got engaged and decided to capture their love in a stunning engagement session on Marco Island, Florida. The backdrop? A breathtaking sunset and the ethereal beauty of pink muhly seagrass in full bloom – a dream come true for any photographer. When it came time to plan their engagement photo session, Emily and Dylan knew they wanted something truly special. Marco Island, a hidden gem along the Gulf Coast of Florida, was the perfect choice. With its pristine beaches, warm ocean breezes, and stunning sunsets, it offered a romantic backdrop that was hard to resist. One of the most enchanting aspects of Marco Island was the pink muhly seagrass in bloom. This natural phenomenon occurs during the fall season, transforming the island's landscape into a sea of pink-hued, feathery grasses. It was this spectacular sight that captured the couple's hearts and imagination.