Love is in the air, and we at ADOR Photo + Video are thrilled to share the beautiful story of Brandon and Madison’s engagement. Today marks a significant milestone in their journey together, and we had the incredible honor of capturing every heartfelt moment of their engagement at the stunning Baleen beach in Naples, Florida. Brandon reached out to us weeks ago, determined to create an unforgettable proposal for the love of his life, Madison. He envisioned a picturesque setting, where the hues of the gulf would cast a magical glow over the pristine sands of Vanderbilt beach. With meticulous planning and a lot of love, we collaborated to bring his dream proposal to life. Brandon and Madison’s story is one of deep connection and shared dreams. Their bond is evident in the way they look at each other, the laughter they share, and the unwavering support they provide one another. Brandon’s desire to make this moment perfect for Madison speaks volumes about his love and commitment.