Pre-Event Questionnaire

Please fill in with as much detail as you are able to. This allows me to create our shot list and an accurate photography timeline for your wedding day! 

You can always add more time, please let us know before the wedding date

You understand you will need two photographers for "getting-ready" photos if you want both of you covered and you’re in different locations?

a first look is when the couple see each other before the ceremony for romantic reasons and/or to get some photos out of the way [including with bridal party/close family] ahead of time so later they can have more time to enjoy the wedding

(if not, consider adding video with us, we have an awesome and fun video team)

This DOES NOT replace photography or videography, It is footage taken on iPhones to be shared with you within 24 hours so YOU have content to post from your wedding day - $100/hour (5 Hour Minimum)

You understand it takes 60 business days or longer (depending on the season) to receive any photos/videos? (we can place you on top of the line for $350 and receive photos within the same week or a sneak peek for $150)

(if not, please read it and come back to this question)

(if not, please read it and come back to this question)

Officiant (if any) - Vendor name:


We will take these photos for your family photos

  1. Bride with both parents, Bride with Mom, Bride with Dad
  2. Bride with Mom, Grandma (generations photo)
  3. Groom with both parents, Groom with Mom, Groom with Dad
  4. Couple with both sets of Parents
  5. Couple with both sets of Parents, both sets of Grandparents 
  6. Couple with both sets of Parents, Siblings, both sets of Grandparents 


  1. Please make sure that the area where you will be getting ready and we will be photographing is tidy-ed up and clutter free. We generally shoot into the room, meaning that the entire room will be subject to being in the background. So any clothing, luggage, bags, make-up bags, food, beverages, etc. should be put away and the room should be tidy (trust me, it looks soooooo much better in photos)
  2. Please do not put on dress until we arrive. Please make sure that whoever is helping you get into your dress is dressed themselves and ready before they help you into your dress as well as any bridesmaids that will be helping, unless you have matching robes/shirts for your bridal party
  3. Please make sure all members of your bridal party are dressed and ready to be photographed at the designated time
  4. If family photos are scheduled BEFORE your Ceremony, please make sure all members of your family are on site, dressed and ready to be photographed at this time
  5. If family photos are scheduled AFTER your Ceremony, please have a designated meeting location.
  6. After your Ceremony, we will take a 20 minute set of couple portraits. Please allow time for this